Hammond Cemetery Saint-Mathieu

3130 Gendron Rd, PO Box 10, Hammond, ON K0A 2A0 Cemetery Permit Number: 3291393-1- 03456 For more information: 613 487-2081

People buried since the August 2022 ceremony

Suzanne Desgagné / Trudeau
Pauline Potvin / Marleau
Gilles Roy
Hélène Nolan / Guindon
Emile Prud’homme
Anita Gagné / Boudreau
Bernard Chénier
Cyrille Cléroux
Paul-Emile Desjardins
Yvette Saumure / Marleau
Rhéal Saumure
Michelle Roy / Brisson

Hello, we are happy to announce the addition of a 2nd COLUMBARIUM in our cemetery. With only one niche remaining for sale of the first 27, we believe this decision is necessary to meet the demand of the population.

Our request has been forwarded to the diocese. We meet the criteria requested then, Shanelle Girard has sent our file to the BAO and we are awaiting their approval. We plan to start work in September.

Saint-Mathieu Cemetery donated $5,000.00 to help pay for repairs to the floor at the bell tower.

We ask that you carefully read the regulations PART E, concerning the MAINTENANCE OF THE LOTS AND THE PROPERTY (SITES).

Burial rights, cemetery services and other fees

10′ x 13′ lots:

$3000 + $2000 (maintenance fund) = $5000
8 burial rights= caskets / urns

10’x 6.5′ lots:

$1500 + $1000 (maintenance fund) = $2500
4 burial rights= caskets / urns

10’x 4.3′ lots:

$1200 + $800 (maintenance fund) = $2000
3 burial rights= caskets / urns

3’x 5′ lots:

$900 + $600 (maintenance fund) $300 existing foundation = $1800
4 rights = 4 urns

Niches – bottom rows:

$1200 + $800 (maintenance fund) = $2000
2 burial rights = 2 urns

Niches – top and middle rows:

$1500 + $1000 (maintenance fund) = $2500
2 rights = 2 urns



Casket burial $1000.00
Casket & fake coffin burial $1500.00
Urn burial (remains cremated) $350.00
Opening and closing of the columbarium $350.00
Exhumation of a coffin $5000.00
Exhumation of an urn $600.00
Lot holder transfer fee $100.00
Costs for use of the mass grave (snow removal included) $300.00
Additional costs for burial on Saturday $100.00


Land modification:

For each addition of an urn in a lot already sold whose interment rights have all been used, the costs are $300.00 (each urn added). To do so, it is necessary to take into account the capacity of the lot, the space required, the format of the ballot box and the area of ​​the mark.


Installation of a marker:

Amount to be paid into the maintenance fund during the installation of a marker.

No plates on the ground will be permitted. A 12″ deep rock dust foundation (DUST) is mandatory.

Flat marker (plate) measuring 173″ square or more $100.00

Straight monument 4′ or less in height and length, including the base $200.00

Straight monument over 4′ in height and length, including base $400.00

Financial report 2022

Download report

Members of the Saint-Mathieu de Hammond Cemetery Committee

Joseph Lin Eveillard Priest 613-371-0090 eveillardlin@hotmail.com Serge Brazeau President 613 402-6853 sergebrazeau@sympatico.ca Francine Gendron Secretary/Treasurer francinegendron10@yahoo.ca 613 487-2081 Gilles Guindon Member 613 487-2342 giligang@hotmail.com Robert Hupé Member 613 487-2365 denirob789@gmail.com

Questions or comments?

Joseph Lin Éveillard, parish priest

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