Each year in June, the Ottawa Church rallies around its Archbishop to celebrate the founding of the Bytown Diocese on June 25, 1847, and the anniversary of his elevation to the rank of Archdiocese on June 8, 1886. This year, this celebration to be held at Notre-Dame Cathedral on Thursday, June 14 at 7:30 pm, will highlight the fact that Mother Bruyère was recently named Venerable by Pope Francis. In addition, two people will receive the papal decoration Benemerenti. It will begin with a short procession involving families representing parishes, clergy and religious communities who will travel from the Sisters of Charity Mother House in Ottawa to the Cathedral. The representatives of the parishes and religious communities will have to present themselves at the Mother House of the Sisters of Charity, 27 rue Bruyère, from 6:15 pm. The other faithful will go directly to the cathedral for the mass of 19:30. The celebration of this diocesan celebration is a great opportunity to give thanks to God for our archdiocese; to express our gratitude to the Founder of the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa; to thank the sisters who have worked and still work at home and to publicly testify to the joy that lives in us.

For the occasion, Thursday, June 14 at 6 pm, a bus will leave the church of Casselman, to go to the cathedral. We will make two stops, one in Limoges (around 6:15 pm, parking for people who carpool near the 417) and one in Vars (around 6:30 pm, parking for people who carpool , near the 417). Transport is free. Please book with your parish as soon as possible to ensure a place.